WELCOME has been renewed. I hope this time it will be more affective to help and inspire my students as well as others who are interested in renewable energy, power systems, control systems, fuzzy logic, and intelligent control systems. I intend to put some online lectures if I find some time to do this.

Using the resources from this site:
Please think the ethical rules when you want to use the shared resources from this web site.  All the resources here are given to help students and inspire the researchers or working engineers. They should be referred and credided for the authors.

Do not forget that a published book or articles can be referred easily. However, the lecture notes or the presentation files are not the same. They are collected knowledge, methods or information from other resources and mostly they are not referred in presentations.

The lecturer usually combines his/her knowledge with the information gotten from other sources and presents them to the students. Therefore, the lecture notes may contain copyrighted materials that belong to others and should not be shared outside the lecture.

Remember that;
Nothing is earned without an effort. 
Nothing is important than respecting others works. 
Nothing is enjoyable than an innovative research. 
Nothing is invented without dreaming of it.
Nothing is realized without running after.
And... there also happen to always be fly buzzes, too, where the bees make honey.


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